Denmark is a nation in Medieval: Total War , Medieval 2: Total War , Empire: Total War , and Napoleon: Total War.

Empire: Total WarEdit

Starting OverviewEdit

Denmark Starts off with three regions. Denmark, a 4-slot city (all at level 1 buildings), Norway, and Iceland, both one slot cities.


  • Denmark starts with a college, two peasant farms, and a trading port, with 2 towns and a port in growth.
  • Norway starts with two logging camps, one with a building and a second without one, a fishery, and two iron mines, one with a build and a second without one, with 2 towns in growth.
  • Iceland starts out with a Magistrate, a peasant farm and a port, with a port in growth.


  • Denmark makes 2550 income and starts off taxing 37% of that income, totaling 943 income made.
  • Norway makes 2025 income and starts off taxing 34% of that income, totaling 688 income made.
  • Iceland makes 200 income and starts off taxing 31% of that income, totaling 61 income made.
  • Starting trade agreement with Hannover.
  • Total income on first turn: 2407

Military WiseEdit

The Danish military consists of two armies and one fleet off the coast of Norway.

The first army is located in Denmark. Its army consists of a General's Bodyguard, 2 units of militia, 1 unit of pikemen, and 1 demi-cannon unit.

The second army is located in Norway, in a fort, consisting of 1 unit of militia and 1 unit of pikemen.

The fleet consist of a 5th rate, a 6th rate, and a sloop.

Goverment WiseEdit

Denmark starts off as a constitutional Monarchy (one of the five nations to to start off with this goverment) headed by King Frederik IV, with Roar Marthias as Chief Minister (Prime Minister).

Its religion is Protestant.

Diplomacy WiseEdit

Starts out in an alliance with Poland-Lithuania and Russia.

At war with Pirates and the Barbary States.

Trade agreement with Hannover.