Appears in Empire: Total War
Belongs to Prussia
Region of recruitment Europe
Cost 1340
Upkeep 330
Combat statistics
Type Light Infantry
Weapon type Muskets
Defensive skill: 11
Projectile range 90
Melee range 6
Ranged weapon(s) Musket
Melee weapon(s) Bayonet

'Freikorps (English: Free Corps) are German volunteer military or anti-communist paramilitary units. The term was originally applied to voluntary armies formed in German lands from the middle of the 18th century onwards. Between World War I and World War II the term was also used for the paramilitary organizations that arose during the Weimar Republic.


Frei-korps are light infantry unique to Prussia. They have the same range as light infantry with slightly inferior accuracy and reloading skills and far superior melee capabilities. In addition, Frei-korps have 50% more manpower than Light Infantry, making their durability fall in somewhere between Light and Line Infantry. In practice, the Frei-korps are improvements over Light Infantry in most ways; their lower accuracy is irrelevant given their much larger volume of fire, and the improved melee capabilities along with the extra manpower allow Frei-korps to survive much better in a melee. However, Frei-korps lack the ability to deploy stakes (unlike Light Infantry). This, combined with their lack of bayonets and inability to form squares, make them vulnerable against cavalry if deployed incorrectly. When they are stationary on the world map for more than two turns, Frei-korps have the ability to deploy anti-cavalry barricades and fortifications, further setting them apart from their Light Infantry counterparts. Unlike most DLC units, an unlimited number of Frei-Korps can be trained.


  • Prussia