Hessian Line Infantry
Appears in Empire: Total War
Belongs to Great Britain

Thirteen Colonies

Region of recruitment Magistrate
Cost 800
Upkeep 200
Combat statistics
Type Line Infantry
Weapon type Muskets
Ranged weapon(s) Muskets
Melee weapon(s) Bayonets

Hessians were 18th-century German soldiers hired through their rulers by the British Empire. About 30,000 German soldiers served in the Thirteen Colonies during the American Revolutionary War; nearly half were from the Hesse region of Germany; the others came from similar small German states. In the context of the British service, they were all referred to as "Hessians." The American colonists called them mercenaries. They received wages, but the prince of their respective states received most of the funds; Britain found it easier to borrow money to pay for their service than to recruit its own soldiers.


Hessian line infantry are slightly inferior to regular line infantry in every way, having less range and damage statistics. However, early in the game they can be recruited in almost any city situated in the Americas (including civilian buildings) and are cheaper to field and maintain. There is a limit of five of these units for each faction.


  • Great Britan
  • Thirteen Colonies