Belongs to Austria


Region of recruitment Barracks
Cost 460
Upkeep 110
Combat statistics
Type Light Infantry
Weapon type Muskets
Ranged weapon(s) Musket
Melee weapon(s) Bayonet

While it literally means "hunter" in German, in military contexts Jäger may be regarded as meaning "rifleman" or "fighter", in the same sense as "fighter aircraft". The Etymology and Mission of Jägers are thus akin to Army RangersIn modern times the word has also been adopted in the original sense of "hunter" in compound terms such as Panzerjäger, "tank destroyer". The military police of the German Bundeswehr are called Feldjäger, while interceptor and fighter aircraft are also called "Jäger", or Jagdbomber.

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One advantage Jaegers have over Line Infantry is that they have a longer range. As a result if this Jaegers should be use to harass the enemy lines and combat any enemy skirmishers. However due to their low melee statistics they should avoid melee situations, especially cavalry charges. Take in note that that to obtain Jägers you must first obtain the Light Infantry Doctorine.


  • Austria
  • Württemberg