Lee's Legion
Belongs to United States
Region of recruitment Drill School
Cost 1240
Upkeep 310
Combat statistics
Type Elite Light Dragoons
Weapon type Shortened Carbine
Ranged weapon(s) Shortened Carbine
Melee weapon(s) Sabres

Lee's Legion was commanded by Henry "Light Horse" Lee, the father of the famed Confederate General Robert.E.Lee. Henry Lee's first commission was as Captain of the Virginia Light Dragoons. During his time as a Captain he caught the eye of Washington while leading a series of successful raids on enemy supply trains. At Paulus Hook, New Jersey, he increased his renown by taking 400 British soldiers prisoner with the loss of only one of his cavalrymen. This action earned him a gold medal, an honour usually reserved for only men of General's rank.


Lee's Legion are a unique and elite ranged cavalry. They may engage effectively in both firefights and melee, although they are not as strong as specialized units in either area. Dragoons have excellent stamina, allowing them to escape from or reach situations not possible for other units. Dragoons have the options to skirmish, where they will attempt to harass the enemy while staying out of range, and dismount. Dismounting dragoons reduces their speed and melee capabilities, but improves their resistance to enemy fire, as well as improving their ability to deal damage with their muskets. Versatile in their uses, dragoons can be used to add firepower support to a point on the battlefield quickly and are equally useful in the conventional cavalry roles of breaking enemy morale and chasing down routing troops


  • United States